Yacon Syrup

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Can i eat yacon root syrup if i have a uti?

Hate stevia and found yacon root, just trying to find out if i can eat it while taking uti meds and on a no sugar diet.

Posted by access
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You need to check with a pharmacist on this who can search their data base for interactions with the antibiotic you are currently taking. You don't want to take anything that will render the antibiotic useless unless you want to continue with the urinary tract infection.

Natural sweetener: "y___ syrup". What's it called?

First attempt failed to get an answer here:

Posted by Innernet Ronin
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Why should I choose Pure Yacon Syrup Plus ?

What is benefits about this ?
How does it work?

Posted by diana
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Many have use it and it's been shown to help lose considerable amount of weight in a short amount of time and it's all done naturally. I read all about this on a review done on the product at the following site:


It answered everything i wanted to know about the product.

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