Where to Buy Yacon Syrup

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Questions and Answers

What's your favorite smoothie flavor?? Please answer! =D?

1. What flavor(s) do you like a lot??
2. What's the worst tasting smoothie you've ever tried???

You can include recipes if you want to. =)

Please answer! I want a lot of answers!! Let's try to get 50+ answers! =D.

Posted by ^-^KittyKat^-^
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I love these

Strawberry Banana Smoothie Recipes with Yogurt
4 or 5 strawberries
a handful of blueberries (or any berries)
1 ripe banana
1-3 tablespoons of plain or thick yogurt
½ glass apple juice
If this is your breakfast (and even if it’s not) why not add a spoonful of oats

Pine Papaya Smoothie
Half a small papaya
5 or 6 chunks of pineapple
1 lime
1 squeezed orange
If you like a zing of ginger, it’s a great, healthy addition – grate it in

Classic Avocado Smoothie
½ large avocado
1 ripe banana
3-4 table spoons of yogurt
¼ glass skimmed milk
Add a dash of honey, agave, or yacon syrup, and a dash of cinnamon

Mango Mania Smoothie
1 ripe mango
1 ripe banana
3-4 table spoons of plain yogurt
¼ glass skimmed milk

All Day Breakfast Smoothie
1 ripe banana
3-4 table spoons of plain yogurt
3-4 table spoons muesli mix
3 apples (juiced) or you can buy plain apple juice
1-2 ripe figs
Add a dash or more of honey, agave, or yacon syrup.

What are some good Gluten-free/ Lactose Free snack/meal ideas for the FODMAP diet?

Recently, my doctor has placed me on the FODMAP diet to elminate what's causing my stomache problems and I'm having a hard time finding things to eat now that I can not have Wheat, Dairy, Artificial Sweeteners, or anything high in sugar.

*I have discovered Peanut Butter, Rice Cakes, Rice, Lactose Free Milk, Oatmeal, Strawberries, Bananas And Salads (I need more salad ideas) but I need more ideas for snacks and meals.

*If you could please give me some ideas that would help greatly. I've already checked online and I can't find anything else.

And Remember, NO wheat, lactose, super sugary foods or artificial sweeteners ending in -ol.]

Posted by Rene Lor
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Are you doing a special diet PLUS a low FODMAP diet? Or just the FODMAP diet.

I ask because the limits you have seem more than the FODMAP diet. For example, from everything I've read, maple syrup is allowed on the diet, but it would be high in sugar. However, most fruits are high in sugar as well, so would they be a problem?

I tend to go by lists like this: Http://ibs.about.com/od/ibsfood/a/The-FO…

You might want to check out growing your own stevia – you can purchase it in a powder, but the plant itself is sweet with no processing. It can be grown, and you can look up on line how to extract the sweet by soaking it in water in certain proportions.

Yacon syrup might also be a possibility – it is extracted from an Amazonian plant, but it contains inulin, which creates a sweet taste but without sugar.

Some food ideas: spinach salad with strawberries, and thin out peanut butter with a little lime juice and something sweet (yacon syrup, maple, homemade berry juice, stevia liquid) for a salad dressing.

You're likely going to need meat – meat with fruit chutneys may be useful. For example, pork is often paired with things like banana and oranges in a lot of caribbean dishes. Red meat or chicken cooked with water and chopped veggies will get you some good soup varieties.

If you juice oranges and lemons (juice them yourself, as opposed to buying them pre-juiced) you can boil them down to 1/2 the volume and they make a tolerable sweetener if you want to try and make smoothies. Citrus juice, berries, and bananas are easy smoothies, and you can add some greens in to make it a bit healthier. Rice milk can be used, too – easy to make yourself. Many recipes online

I can't recall if you can have coconut on the FODMAP diet, but I'd find out. Coconut milk is great for smoothies, homemade ice cream, to add to broth for Asian soups – there are some amazing Thai soups involving peanuts and coconut.

If you get some corn masa, that's wonderful. You can make homemade corn tortillas with this, which are very tasty, very filling, taste nice with some meat and roasted or stir fried bell peppers on it. You can even layer it like lasagna noodles and make a mexican lasagna. We used layers of chicken with green chile and tomatoes between the homemade corn tortillas.

Wishing you good luck – it's tricky, but doable.

Help with recipes, meal plans, anything, something?

Gluten free, no sugar, no sodium, no meat, no dairy, no fruit, no fake sweetners,. What's left to eat??? 🙁

Posted by M.GRACE
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My allowed foods are somewhat different, but they are strict enough that I might at least have some ideas.

1. Check out stevia and yacon syrup. Stevia is a plant in the sunflower family which has sweet leaves. You can grow this and simply grind up the leaves and use them as a sweetener. You can even look up how to make stevia syrup with just stevia and water. This does not contain any sugar, glucose, fructose, etc… It contains a substance called inulin which is not digested by the human body – it just passes through – but tastes sweet. Yacon syrup is also from a plant with inulin. These may be acceptable in your diet, especially if you grow the stevia yourself. I can't have sugar or fake sweeteners or most fruit and I can tolerate this.

2. Check out a place called veggie ventures: Http://aveggieventuresrecipebox.blogspot…
Tons of vegetable recipes – if you are in the mood for something sweet in a sauce or main dish, squash is a good one, as is roasted bell pepper or tomato. Roasted vegetables carmelize a little and have a sweeter taste. They can also make a pretty good soup – for example. If you roast a whole eggplant and onion, then peel the skin off and blend it up in the blender and mix with a couple cups of veggie soup stock, you've got a pretty nice soup. You can add a little sour taste – like a smidgen of vinegar – after cooking to brighten it up a bit.

3. Beans – beans make some AWESOME stuff. Refried beans, falafel, and hummus are great. I have used very mild vinegar instead of lemon juice with homemade hummus, although you might check if you can have lemons or limes in your diet. A lot of no-fruit diets, if they are fruit free due to sugar content, may allow lemons or limes. There is also a french flatbread that is chickpea based, called socca – just has olive oil, water, salt, and chickpeas. Tons of recipes online – we've used it as the base for a GF pizza, with homemade tomato sauce and roasted bell peppers and mushrooms on it.

4. GF grains. Injera bread is a fermented traditional ethiopian flatbread that is fermented – is tastes a bit like a sourdough crepe and is used to wrap up main dishes, like lentil dishes. You can find GF recipes for this is you look up 'traditional' injera – modern versions use wheat. You can have both popcorn and popped sorghum – olive oil and salt taste good on these. Corn masa is AWESOME – you make homemade corn tortillas with this and they taste wonderful. Much better than store bought, thicker and breadier. They taste awesome with refried beans, guacamole, tomatoes, chiles, and so on.

5. Asian foods. Get some GF soy sauce and you can make an easy stir fry with a veggie (like asparagus, or baby bok choy) and stir fry it for a bit in water, then add a bit of GF soy sauce and chopped garlic at the end. Serve over rice. You can add some chiles for spice with this, some ginger, all sorts of things. There are rice based desserts from Japan and China that use a bean paste which doesn't contain sugar because the bean itself is somewhat sweet, as I recall.

6. Sweet potato is a VERY nice food if you have a sweet craving (that was what I missed the most, when I lost all my sweet foods). Chop them into long rectangles and bake for sweet potato fries. Or bake and mash them – tastes lovely with toasted pecans or other nuts.

7. There is something called nut cheese you could look into – a vegan food that is made from nut pulp with spices and herbs added – it's not too bad, really.

8. Eggs will give you lots of options, too. Boiled, added to fried rice, mixed with veggies for some awesome omelets, that sort of thing.

9. Swiss chard has a somewhat salty taste, which can be nice with things hat have no salt. I don't know if other foods, maybe fish sauce, might have a salty taste with low to no sodium. Not sure on this one.

10. Avocados are a great added ingredient if you are looking for a creamy texture. So is silken tofu and soaked cashews – vegan, vegetarian, and raw foodists often have recipes that use these ingredients in this way and may have good ideas for you.

That's all I could think of right off the bat, but I hope it helps.

For more recipe ideas, I'd check out sites that have vegan recipes (will be meat and dairy free), recipes for people on yeast overgrowth diets or frucmal diets (fructose malabsorption will be very low to no added sugar and low to no fruits), and many gluten free folks have gluten and dairy free recipes, so that might help. Raw foodists may have some recipes you could use, too.

Wishing you good luck – it's SO hard to start off on a diet like this, but you can definitely do it.

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