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organic antiaging skin care ECOCERT products.

Eminence Organic Skin Care Joins Green Spa Network to Lead Sustainability … – Intercooler

Eminence Organic Skin Care Joins Green Spa Network to Lead Sustainability …IntercoolerFor decades, Éminence Organic Skin Care ( has been proud to be one of the first natural, organic and Biodynamic® skin care companies in the spa industry to offer spas the tools, education and opportunity to lower their …and more »

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Questions and Answers

What do you think of organic skin care?

Would you buy it.

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Because there is no organic standard for skin care/beauty products most are a big scam. You see organics is regulated by the USDA. Body care by the FDA. The FDA has no organic standard so it is actually legal for products regulated by the FDA to slap a label that says they are organic when in reality scant few national brands could actually pass the organic certification regulations with their current formulations

see Http://… fpr a lot more information about this.

What are some good organic makeup lines and skin care?

Something 100% organic please. I've heard about 100%pure, afterglow… Anything else??????? Please lemme know.

Posted by Mina Campos
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I *love* Juice Beauty's skin care products. Except their tinted moisturizers, which are all too dark for me. So I use Juice Organics in fair. It doesn't offer much coverage, but when I stick to organic products (and don't eat dairy) I don't need much. Juice Organics also offers some skin care products that would be my second choice to Juice Beauty's, and cheaper.

When I need a bit more coverage, I use Korre's Wild Rose foundation.

I agree with the suggestion of Tarte. They make some very nice mineral and organic options if you want some color. I have some bronzers and blush from them. They also always put out palettes for the holiday, which are a nice way to try several products.

When I need "serious" skin care like winter hand care or lip balm for if I am flying, I always turn to Weleda.

Green Skin Care?

Where, what skin care products can I buy that are organic/natural and acne-friendly… I'd just hate to put all of those chemicals on my face… I'm looking for ideas or products for facial cleansers, masks, and moisturizers especially.

Posted by Silver
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Eminence organics are the bomb! They are a green company, and 100% certified organic from Hungary( there has NEVER been a machine on the soil). Great products, very popular. Its all fruits, veggies and herbs, so amazing, they sell so awesome you Will wanna eat them! Love love love them! Did I mention how much I love them? They have masks, cleansers, toners, whatever you will need for acne. Possible the Eucalyptus cleanser if you are oily, Sugar Plum is Oily Skin Moisturizer, Garlic Toma toe Mask for Acne, there are so many others, if you can, fins a place that carries the line to pick out you specific products for your skin type.

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