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Comparison of life and nature?

I have to compare life and nature… I need some help i need more points on how nature and our lives are similar

every answer is appreciated.

Posted by Megan Reed
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Nature is holistic. Though Nature exists, Something can not be pin-pointed as nature. Similarly, Life is also holistic and exists, yet something can not be pointed as life. Both can be thus explained only by showing examples.

Nature is eternal, despite destruction of forests, destruction of mountains destruction of river and so on.. Life is also eternal, despite our seeing death of one creature or another always.

Life and Nature both have same origin, yet they appear to be so different to each other, but yet they are one and the same, being part of each other! Life is part of nature and nature is part of life.

Life looks like intelligence and nature looks like dumb; but in reality, nature is full of life otherwise it will not be Nature and Life is full of nature as otherwise it will not be life!!

One can learn from both Nature and Life.

One camouflages the other. Nature is supported by life, yet Nature supports life.Nature and Life can not exist independently.

Hook about disrespecting nature?

I need hook or quote about disrespecting nature.

Posted by IDOKBAT
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Nature is here for the taking.

As the dominant species, we think ourselves above nature.

We can do what we like – who's to stop us?

Nature is what we've made it !

Looking for words related to nature?

ANYTHING relative to nature. 🙂
Thank yews.
Okay, lemme be more specific.
Examples: sunrises, waterfalls, snowdrops.

Posted by Willow
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Nature as to human nature or nature as in things outdoors that are part of the planet earth? Nature can be inborn traits that are passed on from parents to their children..Or nature can be anything relative to our existing on the planet earth. Things such as natural happenings..Example, volcanic eruptions, tidal waves, earthquakes, hurricanes and tropical storms, lightning, thunder, rain, snow, hail and so on..Plant life, micro organisms, animals, etc.

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