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Which resaurants does flowers foods deliver?

Posted by blah blah blah
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Flowers Foods, Inc., a producer and marketer of packaged baked goods, including Nature's Own, Hostess, and Sara Lee, has contact information at this link:


There are links for the distributors, but most of them require a password.

What is a good protein shake that has cookies n creme flavour?

I been workin out and need proteinshake.
Tryin to get a protein shake that's good n not too expensive.

Posted by BOB46
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Spirutein is the tastiest cookies and cream shake I've ever had! Ummmm, just thinking about it makes me want one. Trust me, don't go for the Herbalife one. It doesn't mix properly and so the texture comes out gross and the flavor is lackluster. The Shaklee brand is super tasty and lower on sugar than the Spirutein. The Herbalife or Shaklee brand is super expensive and you have to buy through a distributor who will want to make a distributor out of you. Spirutein can be picked up at most healthfood stores such as Fruitful Yield. The sugar content is going to be higher than some of the other good brands but it is tasty. Sometimes, the healthiest shake is the grossest as far a flavor. I once tried a chocolate multi sprout powder that had an incredible protein content, low on sugar, and full of every good thing you could imagine even wheat grass! But, there was no way to make it taste good. Even when watered down and mixed with another powder I could hardly stand it. Don't ever get hooked into a distributor's brand without trying it first. They'll say anything to get you to part with your money. Spirutein is not going to be the cheapest but it is not the most expensive and it is a good quality brand being Nature's Way. I'm hooked on the Nature's Way shakes in general. They have a ton of varieties and I've never felt let down by a purchase of their product. They have different flavors at different prices but the cookies and cream is not one of the expensive ones. One of my nephews got hooked on it for his workouts too when I worked for a health food store. If you're concerned about the price point, check a couple of different stores as they will carry it at slightly different prices. The other AWESOME thing about the Nature's Way brand shakes is that you can pick up a packet of their Cookies and Cream flavor to try it before having to buy a whole can. That's another benefit. If you don't like it – you're only out about a buck in trying it. I've purchased the packets in most smaller retail and chain health food stores. Sometimes, the bigger stores won't carry the packets, probably because they don't have the security to keep them from getting stolen.

Because It's A Miracle-Nature's Oil Growth Spray is only sold in Cases, Would a smaller (3-pk) get you to try?

The product is "Amazing" and works "GREAT", only issue is that its only sold by the case. I'm an independent Distributor, and think I should make a smaller order available for my customers consisting of only "three" bottles so that it has the potential to reach more people in need of its great potential! -To regrow hair at rapid rates. I'm trying to figure a better way to grow my home-based business.

Posted by C-Le, aka the Candy Lady
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I just read up on this product. How good is it, because I really want to start using it? How long does it take to see hair growth results??? Also, what are you currently charging?

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