Where to Buy Moringa

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The Drumsticks of Heaven and Wellness – The New Indian Express

The New Indian ExpressThe Drumsticks of Heaven and WellnessThe New Indian ExpressThis is one vegetable I will buy from a non-organic source as the common tree variety of this vegetable is hardly even sprayed with pesticides. The other vegetable that is generally insect proof is the chow-chow also known in Tamil Nadu as the …

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Questions and Answers

Where can i buy moringa/malunggay seeds in the philippines?

Please contact me though my email.

Posted by Pearl V
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If you are looking for just a few seeds, check the wet markets (palengke). The best really is to find a tree, as it is common for some homes to have a moringa/malunggay tree planted in the backyard, and ask the owner for the dried "fruit" on its branches. Sometimes the tree can be found on vacant lots as it is easy to grow. Summer is probably the best time to be able to get it. If you can't get the seed, your next option is to get a cutting, a one meter, one inch thick branch (even without leaves) should grow easily, just stick on the ground.

How much would you expect to pay for an 8oz bottle of homemade shower gel?

How much would you EXPECT to pay for an 8oz bottle of homemade, scented, colored, and sold online shower gel (include shipping in your expected price)?

What is your TOP price range for an 8oz bottle of homemade, scented, colored, and sold online shower gel (include shipping in your top payable price)?

I am going to start selling homemade laundry detergent, shower gel, bar soap, and candles online. They will each have ingredients that are pronounceable and familiar to everyone. These products will be for adults only.

Any tips from people who sell homemade creations from home?

Posted by vampiress_jessika
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I regularly buy Moringa Gel made by the Body Shop for about $0.59 per ounce for a 25.3 oz. Bottle. Smaller bottles are about $0.67 per oz. I don't know if anyone will pay much more than that, so for 8 oz., I would pay about $5.50. Shipping is going to cost about $5-6, so it will be impractical for anyone to buy a single item like that and pay for shipping. Maybe you could sell your product at arts fairs and farmer's markets and then sell at wholesale prices to gift shops and later "jewelry shows". Good luck!

Remember that you will have to buy product liability insurance in case your product goes bad and causes some sort of rash or illness in its users.

Where can I buy moringa tea ?

I live in Compton/los Angeles where can I buy it ?? I don't want to buy it online if you don't know what it is it's this
Plz help.

Posted by Daniela
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Moringa America is the leading organic producer of Moringa in the US.

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