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Baseball deal not so sweet for taxpayers (business)

When a wealthy professional sports team owner and a well-heeled private college want to build a baseball stadium, they naturally turned to the best investors they can find — taxpayers.

Best Weight Loss Supplements to Lose Weight Naturally

Demand for Choice Nutrition Supplements Yacon Syrup Continues to Increase – Intercooler

Demand for Choice Nutrition Supplements Yacon Syrup Continues to IncreaseIntercoolerChoice Nutrition Supplements is one of the top producers of 100 percent natural health products which are made to aid in promoting healthy lifestyles by preventing illness and improving the body's vital functions. Choice Nutrition Supplements only uses …Melt Away the Fat with Pure Yacon SyrupBaystreet.caall 2 news articles »

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Questions and Answers

How to get rid of hair naturally?

How would you get rid of facial hair naturally?

Posted by Jake M
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Naturally? Do you mean using natural products? Considering you're a guy, shaving would be the best option. Other options for facial hair are hair removal cream, waxing, and laser hair removal but they're really methods used by women for unwanted facial hair.

Prepare, protect and pamper your skin when you're shaving. Use a decent razor (Gilette?), a shaving cream, and moisturiser and/or after shave afterwards.

What supplement can i take while doing insanity workouts (other than shakeology?)?

I am going to start the insanity training soon and i know i can't afford to buy shakeology right now, is there any kind of similar product that i can use instead? My friend (who is a personal trainer) told me he wouldn't recommend creatine, so i really don't know what else to use. What does shakeology consist of? Is it just protein? Or something more? I really need to start these workouts soon if i want results by my deadline and i know i'm gonna have to start some kind of supplement.

Posted by Kaylah
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Shakeology isn't just protein it is a all natural product with improves digestion, curbs cravings, helps with weight loss, increases energy. It contains pro/prebiotics (found in yogurt). It has super foods in it such as acai berry, acerola berry (food with the highest vitamin C content on the planet), goji berry, bilberry, yacon root, maca root, wheat grass, oat grass for example.

It is naturally with Stevia and it is more of a meal replacement. I started drinking it in June and I drink one every day and I decided to become a coach so I could get the discount. My background is in human nutrition so I also then decided to talk to people about Shakeology.

You should look at the cost this way if you eat it for breakfast or sometimes lunch so instead of buying that $6.00 salad drink the shake or for breakfast instead of eggs, toast, yogurt, cereal, drink the shake instead. My grocery bill has actually went down since I started drinking Shakeology.

You can check it out at www.myshakeology.com/jillmatthews or if you want to try a free sample email me at llijrones@yahoo.com and I can send you one in the mail. Then you can try if before you purchase it. Good luck with Insanity and good luck in what you decide on your nutrition.

Do dogs blink naturally?

Bloke up local pub argues with me EVERYTIME i`m in there and this weeks arguement was that dogs and camels don`t have the capability to blink naturally,please help me prove him wrong.

Posted by dwndmry
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Yes dogs blink naturally. However if you are staring at them they will not blink as often and will try not to blink.
In their "language" the one who averts his eyes first is the less dominant animal. SO they do not want to blink.
Also if it is hunting dog and on point they will try not to so they can keep their prey in the line of sight.

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