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2015 Subaru Legacy (Autoblog)

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Subaru has a problem on its six-starred hands, but you wouldn't know it at first glance. Sales are up; in fact, the Japanese automaker has recorded 28-straight months of increased sales in the United States, leading to the best first-quarter Subaru has ever recorded, and 2014 will almost assuredly be the seventh straight year it has posted improvements. So, what's wrong? The answer is simple, though clearly complicated to resolve. Sedans – specifically, midsize examples – have proven a tough nut for Subaru to crack.

The vast majority of those impressive sales statistics have come from just a few models, namely the Forester, Outback and XV Crosstrek. The Impreza continues to sell at a respectable pace, but it's telling that the XV, after just three years on the market, is already Subaru's third-best-selling nameplate, outpacing the aforementioned Impreza (on which it's based), its high-performance WRX sibling and the Legacy, which is now entering its sixth generation, having been first introduced way back in 1989. It's that last model we're examining today.

Despite the fact that the Legacy plays in a hotly contested market segment that includes such stalwart sales champions as …

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Questions and Answers

Where can you buy 5 htp food supplement here at the philippines and what it's brand name?

I can't find any in mercury drug and watsons, anyway thanks in advance.

Posted by blind
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Well, there's two different aspects to this question. First, it's going to be hard to find 5-HTP for a while because there is a world-wide shortage… There was a bad growing year for the beans that it's derived from. You may need to ask in your local health food store to see if they have any on order or if they can order/reserve some for you.
Second, if you don't want to or can't wait, you can also order it from a good quality company that can ship it to you. There are a few that are very good quality in the U.S. And others world-wide that you can order from, so it's best to shop around (especially when international shipping is concerned). A few of the best quality companies I've come across are at Http:// Http:// and Http://
Good luck and I hope I helped!

How does 5-HTP work – skipping a dose?

My question is – is it the kind of thing like prozac, where it builds up in your system and if you skip a dose it's no biggie, or is it the kind of thing that, if you skip a dose, you can tell because you feel down? I ask because my son takes it and sometimes we'll miss a day or two and his behavior seems off (though it could be my imagination!). I guess my question is – is it an immediate thing, or long term?

Posted by alli110200
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It does not work with the force that Prozac works. 5-HTP like tryptohan is a serotin precursor that improves the quality of sleep. It is far more gentle on the system. I would not ignore your observations. I believe what you are seeing is correct. You would have to use 5-HTP for 4-6 months to determine whether the effect is immediate or long term. At the six month point your son could miss a dose and you could determine whether the effect is immediate or long term. You have to give most natural medicines several months to examine the effect.

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