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Superfood fads: Super distracting for global farmers? –

Superfood fads: Super distracting for global farmers?Marketplace.orgA few years ago, she started adding a tree called moringa. She heard about its potential: nearly every part, from roots to flowers, is edible or thought to be medicinal. "Good for your body," she says. "Also, good medicine. Also, good for money …

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Questions and Answers

Moringa and weight loss?

Posted by Jaideep
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Moringa is a known powerful plant that is used for many health problems. In the Philippines, it is widely known as "Malunggay" and is used as a cooking ingredient for many Filipino dishes. In India specifically in Ayurveda teachings, moringa are used as a herbal medicine remedy against many known diseases.

Its tree is a fast growing tree and can be seen in almost every street in Manila. As a Filipino myself, I love this vegetable plant and I enjoy eating malunggay anytime of the day. The leaves are used in soups, pastas, teas and many more.

Moringa is rich in vitamins, antioxidants and minerals that includes vitamins A, C, iron, amino acids and other essential nutrients. Moringa are said to help treat over 300 known body diseases. Its main function is the strengthening of immune system and body's resistance against many illnesses.

The Philippine government has recently named moringa as one of the natural source of biofuel. Philippine's Department of Health even promotes malunggay to all of its citizens because of its many health benefits. Below are some other health benefits of moringa plant.

– Strengthens bones and muscles
– Improves ulcer
– Improves digestion
– Reduced inflammations and arthritis
– Normalize blood sugar levels
– Prevents hypertension
– Good for the circulatory system
– Improves liver and kidney functions
– Promotes natural serum cholesterol
– Prevents tumor formation
– Cures headache and dizziness
– Nourish the brain and eyes
– Promotes metabolism

Moringa leaf are known energy booster that keeps the body strong and energetic. Some people who tried the power of this amazing plant said that their over all health are improved dramatically. They reported an enormous relief in arthritis pain, inflammations and their high blood pressure are maintained in normal numbers. Other even say that moringa also helps clear facial fine lines, wrinkles and other skin problems.

Malunngay are also ideal for people who are having trouble sleeping because it has soothing abilities. The plant also has a detoxifying effect and a coagulant agent that makes them the number one enemy of various bacterias and viruses.

This amazing moringa leaf is tasty even in raw form. It can be acquired in many forms like capsule (herbal supplement), tea, powdered juice and tea. A good herbal supplement alternative for people who are health conscious. Moringa has reportedly no side effects and is absolutely safe and organic to eat. So eat moringa today and live well everyday!

The Moringa Tree is the same as the Manchuka Tree?

Posted by b4f2f
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I could not find any publication reporting Manchuka tree as synonym for Moringa tree.
Moringa tree > Moringa oleifera > synonyms in different languages:

I could not find a scientific name of Manchuka tree at all, only Manuka > Kahikatoa > Tea-tree > Leptospermum scoparium, a type of plant very different to Moringa:

The only Manchuka tree:
In Africa, there is a species of tree called manchuka. The people in Congo feed the leaves of this tree, which are high in nutrition, to their cattle to fatten them up before taking them to market. They also pound the leaves of this tree on a stone mill, add some oil, and fry them in batter. It may be a good idea to plant many manchuka trees and make powder out of the entire tree after throwing out the root, which is poisonous. The powder can be used to make bread.

And in another publication:
"….. To be heated with manchuka or madder root oil" is not evident if manchuka and madder root oil is the same.
Madder root oil is extracted from the roots of climbers of Rubia family without any relationship to Moringa:

How to prevent leaf falling in moringa tree?

We have a moringa tree in our house where it has large amount of leaves fall on every day. I dont know how to control it.

Posted by ajay k
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There are several possible reasons for Moringa tree dropping leaves:
First of all over-watering and waterlogging.
It also loses its leaves when the average temperature drops below 70 degrees.
You write IN your house; a too small pot may induce leaf loss.
Relocation could be another reason.
Moringa trees don`t like drafts.
Finally a pest or disease might cause the problem.

About growing Moringa successfully:

Gardeners' Notes:

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