Best Moringa Supplement

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Moringa Oleifera Extract Benefits - Best Moringa Supplements?

South Africa's Innovation Hub Promotes Smart Industries – AFKInsider

South Africa's Innovation Hub Promotes Smart IndustriesAFKInsiderOne effort is the Moringa Oleifera Project, developed to address socioeconomic challenges facing Gauteng such as food security, climate change mitigation, poverty alleviation and job creation. “To date, the Innovation Hub has established a 76-hectare …and more »

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Questions and Answers

What are the best herbal supplements?

What are the best,100% natural,organic supplements that are good for general health or for Man's health and have no side effects.

Posted by Rumblefish
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this one don't worry it does not have sodium benzoate like other brands witch the company claims can damage your dna and speed up the aging process.. All other brands have that stuff..
Witch amazingly its found in coke to! Hmm.. Junk drink.

This one uses coconut oil and organic apple cider vinegar! As a healthy perserative.

I noticed it doesn't say "organic" coconut oil but they probably use their own? Since they make coconut oil as well..

On the market its the best choice healthy to the max it even got rid of my dads cold!
From all the mushrooms in it! Turkey tail and things people just never eat.

Best supplements are.. (garden of life link above)

this one..

Https://leafpower.wordpress.com/moringa-… this stuff brings the people in poor places back from "dying" because of its extreme health value :) because their health value is so bad from lack of healthy food.

I started to talk faster then I can think, more energy and sleep much better from this stuff!

That website was the best I found for info on it..

It doesn't stop their


then I found this brand of moringa and looked at the ground where its grown! Thanks Google for the pictures of the grass in that country, the soil looks so GREEN and healthy!

And sure enough it taste much richer and better then the previous brand i'll never buy again.

So from someone who is "beyond health obsessed" this is it!

Http://www.coconutresearchcenter.org/ don't forget the coconut oil nice long list of health benifits

yes the heart attack rates are 1 in 100,000 in the Philippines? Where in the usa its 1 out of 2
heart healthy veggie oils my foot

I can't believe its not butter should read on the label
I can believe it is plastic! (1 molecule away from it)
soy oil? Really? Junk..

Real butter is "Ghee" with health benefits of course

but coconut oil has a nice longer list..

And for healthy water?


you can use this :)

best water on the planet as its "clean" safe to drink as well.


I drink this stuff as well collect in glass jar safe to drink before 15 mints are up

and it got rid of my 10 year constipation issue for example.

Is Moringa Oleifera safe for Gout ?

One of ayurvedic doctor told me to take Moringa Oleifera(Sigru) for gout, but i read on the net it is full of Protein, protein is contraindicated in gout, so please guide me wheter i should take Moringa Oleifera or not ?

Posted by Purvesh
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I don't think the amount of protein in the Moringa is going to be enough to worry about. Some protein is necessary for health. I have gout, I have found that a holistic approach is best. Diet, exercise, good nutrition and detoxification are a few of the areas I am looking into to avoid a gout attack. Taking supplements for gout is only one aspect of a total approach to fighting gout.

Building mass and losing weight?

Whats a good workout program to build mass on your shoulders , arms, chest, back and legs and losing weight at the same time.

Posted by Alejandro
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Try out a dietary supplement called Moringa, it is natural and helps to shed weight without effecting the body mass.

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