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Questions and Answers

Can a natural Body builder get as big as a Steroid body builder?

Like how long would it take to get as built as the ultimate warrior, without roids?

And why are steroids Illegal? If I choose to put my body in danger how am I effecting someone else?

Posted by Athrius
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A natural bodybuilder will never be as big as a roider, unless he has insanely good genetics. Steroids build muscle at such an astonishing rate compared to naturals (one cycle of testosterone can add up to 20 pounds of lean body mass in 14-16 weeks, whereas a natural will add an average of one pound of muscle a MONTH).

Don't listen to the other idiots who answered this…the only people who harm themselves using steroids are people who don't do enough research beforehand. Steroids CAN be safely used if you educate yourself beforehand and stay away from the extremely potent compounds.

Hope this helps!

Paranormal experience or just a natural body experience?

A year ago when I used to go out a lot at night I would have lots of repetitive nightmares, hear running above me when I'm in my garage (hallway outside my room), and wake up in the middle of the night having the feeling of pinned down not able to move nor speak but I figure that's just a natural body thing but one night I just got home around 2:30 am and was watching TV wide awake I suddenly felt only my a small part of my fore arm and my thigh area pinned down hard like my arm was being held by hands so I started yelling and after I forced my arm to move I was able to get out of my room. None of that happens now I still hear the running once in a while when no ones home but not sure if it is just the woods in my home.
Thanks guys but it is not the paralysis when I wake up in the middle of the night that I'm worried about it's the time when I was wide awake that I got pinned down that still haunts me til today anyone ever experienced that before?
This all stopped after I covered the the huge mirror on my closet door facing my bed and placed a cross in my room which was my parents idea I am not a believer of paranormal but that gave me the spooks just hoping it can be explained by science however I am open minded to other explanations also.

Posted by henry
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Sleep paralysis can be one of the most frightening experiences you can have and that it happens when you are trying to sleep just adds to the intensity.This is a state between consciousness and sleep.You can hallucinate a variety of things while in this condition including a presence in your midst as well as hearing and seeing things. It is like you are dreaming while you are awake but it is also said to be a state in which can lead one to astral project or have an out of body experience.

I have personally had this experience several times and have had the sensation that I was about to depart from my body but fought this. I was afraid to continue and forced myself awake. It is highly odd and strange and if someone has not come about this encounter on their own its hard for them to fully understand.This is not associated with any paranormal activity and is quite common to experience, its hard to tell you how to break out of it and most of the time you just have to ride it out.

A good book I recommend on this subject is "The Terror That Comes In The Night" by David J. Hufford. He talks about the various myths regarding the "Old Hag" who is seen to come in the room with an individual while they are asleep and sit on their chest.Many claim to of experienced her and it can be a frightening experience.Though this can be quite frightening to experience it is not usually associated with the paranormal or anything demonic. It is also said that it can be a gateway to Astral projection or Out of body experiences and Lucid dreaming. Knowing how to control or regulate this state is the key. Good luck and take care.
2 months ago.

Natural body products?

That are good for your skin? I'm talking about things like fruits and such, NOT actual chemical products that say they're natural.
What's good for acne and scars? And moisturizing? Dry skin…all of that kind of stuff. Help is greatly appreciated 🙂
Just things that have worked for you ♥

Posted by Clarity.
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Jason Natural Cosmetics-Tea Tree Gel works great and u can find it at GNC with a large amount of other natural products.

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