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Natural Body Spa & Shoppe in LENEXA KANSAS - Luke Draily Construction

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Questions and Answers

Spa chemicals or natural?

Has anyone tried using a natural spa as opposed to adding chemicals all the time ?
I'm sick of the chemicals and am considering a natural alternative e.g: clear choice australia products.

Posted by prinessjasmine
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The problem with avoiding the chemicals in a spa, is that you've got a large body of water held at body temperature. What you end up with is a large biology experiment that can breed all kinds of nasties in it.

You can cut down on some of the chemicals you use if you make sure that you and your guests always shower before you use the spa. Also don't wash your swimsuits with detergent (or just don't wear them 😉 )

What are some home spa day ideas?

Posted by A C
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1 Get Organized For Your Home Spa Day. Pull together some of the things that say "spa" — your robe and slippers, spa CDs, candles,clean sheets and towels, exercise clothing, your favorite exercise DVDs, a body scrub, your facial products, and things to get yourself a manicure and pedicure. This will help inspire you as you plan your home spa day.

#2 Plan Healthy Meals. Create your home spa menus around healthy food that will help you eat for energy — an egg-white omelette with vegetables for breakfast, stir-fired chicken breast and vegetables for lunch, lentil soup and salad for dinner. You can cook ahead or make that part of the fun or your home spa day, especially if you're with a friend.

#3Get Some Exercise During Your Home Spa Day. You can take a walk around your neighborhood, bike ride, go to the local gym, take a yoga class, watch an exercise DVD — whatever works for you and where you live. You can get up early, eat a piece of fruit and some almonds before you go for a walk, then do something else later in the day. How much and what kind of exercise you want to do depends on your current fitness level.

#4 Give Yourself A Spa Treatment During Your Home Spa Day.One of the easiest home spa treatments is a body scrub and hot bath. This would be a good thing to do in the afternoon. Take time to rest afterwards. You can also give yourself a home facial, or do your nails.

#5 Give Yourself Some Quiet Time. You don't have to get on a cushion and "try" to meditate. Just sit quietly for a few minutes and notice what is going on inside you and around you.

#6 Get Inspired During Your Home Spa Day. Spas usually have lectures on health and wellness, so you might want to take a little time to read something inspiring. Books I especially love include "First You Row A Little Boat" and "Gifts of the Sea".

#7 Feel The Love. Your home spa day is about extending love and kindness to yourself — and others. If someone is joining you at the end of the day, make sure they feel the love.

Walk outside
Look up how to do a manicure
AND pedicure
Visit bath and body works
And here's some facial instructions:
Heat Water For A Steam Facial.
Before your facial, gently heat enough distilled water to fill a shallow wide bowl. It does not have to be boiled hard, just heated enough so that the steam will last for up to five minutes. If you are adding herbs, bring the water to a boil so that you may steep the herbs and still have steam left for your facial. You will also need a cleanser, cold cream or light vegetable oil, soft cloth for wiping residue, toner and a light moisturizer.

Read more at Suite101: Have a Steam Facial: Natural Skin Care And Steam Hydration Http://….

Here's a breakfast recipe: Fruit Smoothy: Combine 1 cup vanilla yogurt, 1 cup ice cubes, ½ cup fresh strawberries and ½ banana (or any combination of fruit you like) in a blender. Blend until smooth.
Have a good day! 🙂

What are the best body washes…?

That last on your skin and keep your skin soft and fresh? I am also putting together a basket of different bath and spa items as a Christmas gift for one of my friends. What are your suggestions?

Posted by MissAnonymous
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Avon naturals. They are reasonable priced have great body lotions or spray to layer the scent. I like the raspberry for a long lasting scent.

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