Natural Body Cleansing

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Awaken Your Warrior Goddess To Prevent Breast Cancer (CBS 4 Florida)

They are rituals that are five thousand years old; the healing power of oil, touch and spices. Practices now enlisted into a modern-day war against breast cancer.

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Are cleanse diets really a good idea? – Toronto Star

Toronto StarAre cleanse diets really a good idea?Toronto StarThe fact is we have a natural detox system in our body that works very well when treated well. The liver does a great job of flushing out waste every day, our lungs breathe out pollutants, our kidneys filter out toxins, and our digestive system lets …and more »

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Questions and Answers

An all natural one day body cleanse?

When I say natural I mean no pills or super shakes=]
I've ate pretty bad over the weekend and my body isn't used to that. So does anyone know a natural way to detoxify my body in one day?

Posted by ImNull
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I wouldn't do that, cleansers are usually not the way to go. When you mess up, just accept it as a loss and promise yourself to do better in the future. Make up for it by going on an extra run or doing a couple extra sit-ups.

As long as you're eating healthy (I know you said you had a bad weekend) your body should be fine. Get your full fix of fruits, veggies, grains, protein and working out. As long as you do what you should for your body you do not need to cleanse it.

Whenever I eat really bad something I've found that helps is drinking lots of water, it runs through your system really fast and for me I feel like it makes my stomach a little flatter. Also, try drinking tea (green would be a good choice) because that encourages bowel movement so you'd get the whole process done a lot faster. Hope this helps! 🙂

What is the best natural body cleanse?

I'm interested in doing a natural body cleanse. What is the best one that has worked for you and what does it consist of? I'd appreciate the recipe….thxs!

Posted by soybonita
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You have to be willing to get grossed out for this. But it is what you asked for, so here it is. Get off the coffee and the sodas and start with the green tea…hot green tea. BUT put one teaspoon of maple syrup in it and one quarter teaspoon of Cayenne Pepper and one tablespoon of Lemon Juice. Sip it. Finish it. Do your best to enjoy it. It is not horrible, but it is not yummy either. It will cleanse you without cramps but you will be sitting longer than usual. Great anti-oxidents in that mixture and that mixture will soothe your insides and help you to get rid of the rest of the stuff without hurting your tummy, cramping you, or giving you gas. You will have to go to the bathroom more often than usual, but that is part of the cleansing. Good luck. Also. Stop snacking.

What is the best all natural "body cleanse" to do?

Any information or resources about healthy ways to cleanse would be very greatly appreciated!

Posted by Lynne.
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I wouldn't recommend doing a short term detox to cleanse the body, but I would recommend incorporating more raw fruit and vegetables into your diet, and doing some research about the raw food lifestyle. There are some great books out there, look into Shazzie's books (try her website which has a big selection of good books. You could also try typing in "Raw Food" into Amazon, which should bring up a good selection of books.

A good 3 week cleanse/ healthy eating plan can be found in Dr Joshi's books, they're fabulous!

Hope this helps!

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