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Ice Sculptures Plant Local Flora As They Melt [Pics] (psfk)

Is there hope for plant life in the widespread ice melt that's caused by climate change? Most plants wouldn't be able to say so, but artist Basia Irland's project _Ice Receding/Books Reseeding_ puts an interesting spin on an impending ecological reality by encouraging the appreciation of individual plant species and their interdependency with local water systems – a topic she has repeatedly addressed in her work. This project was originally created for "Weather Report," a groundbreaking exhibition about climate change from 2007 that took place in Boulder, Colorado, where a glacier that provides much of the drinking water is rapidly melting. Today, Irland encases the seeds of local plant species in blocks of frozen water, arranging the seeds in shapes that suggest an "ecological language" or "riparian [on the bank of a natural watercourse] text."

She then places these "books" back into the native streams from which the water was frozen, where they reinvigorate the local ecosystem by "helping sequester carbon, mitigating floods and drought, pollinating other plants, dispersing seeds, holding the banks in place (slowing erosion), creating soil regeneration and preservation, acting as filters for pollutants and debris, supplying leaf-litter (for food and habitat), promoting aesthetic …

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Ann Taylor Loft Removes Part Of Model's Waist In Epic Photoshop Fail – Huffington Post Canada

Ann Taylor Loft Removes Part Of Model's Waist In Epic Photoshop FailHuffington Post CanadaWhen we first saw these photos of Namibian model Behati Prinsloo for Juicy Couture's fall 2012 jean line, we expected to see signs of Photoshop in Prinsloo's arms, torso or even hips. We were happy to see that the model actually looked pretty natural …and more »

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Questions and Answers

How could I stop my natural beauty treatments from going off?

I'm looking to make my own beauty treatments to sell to retailers, using only natural products. Where could I start and how could I stop them from going off? Thanks!

Posted by ms.lisa1990
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Vitamin e is a poweful preservative thats natural. Heres a website that lists and sells several other natural preservatives that you need.

Anybody knows any good websites for all natural homemade beauty products/recipes?

I don't mean websites that SELL products. I mean websites that contain information (recipes, tips etc) on how to make your own natural homemade beauty products. Thanx.

Posted by me, myself, and I
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I kind of like Care2 — it's a huge site about natural and green living. I originally got interested in it because of their great recipes for non-toxic house cleaning and furniture polishes, etc.

In their Healthy and Green Living section under "True Beauty" they have lots of nice recipes for skin and hair care, makeup, bath stuff, etc.


Hope that helps.

I have a new all natural aromatherapy beauty product website and wanted to know if i should add any other item

I have a new all natural aromatherapy beauty product website and wanted to know if i should add any other items

Posted by loveashley21
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Wow! I'll have to shop there sometime! Hmmm…I love, love, love natural shampoos and conditioners, and they're really helpful in making my hair shiny, strong, and improve growth rate. I would so buy some if you featured them on your website! (I'm adding your website to my favorites!)

♥aLi♥ xoxo.

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