Homeopathic Remedies for Sleep Apnea

Throat exercises from AJRCCM article

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Homeopathic Remedies For Sleep Apnea | Sleep Apnea Treatment

Beauty sleep: Healthy, good-looking women get it – Alexandria Town Talk

Beauty sleep: Healthy, good-looking women get itAlexandria Town TalkPost-menopause, women are at greater risk for sleep apnea, the disorder in which sleepers unknowingly choke for air. Women who have children at home tend to have more sleep issues than women with no children in the household, according to the National …and more »

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Questions and Answers

What can I do to get more, deeper sleep at night?

I've had two sleep studies done and there is nothing medically wrong with me like sleep apnea or constricted breathing. The people said I just don't get enough good deep rem sleep. What can I do? I don't like taking sleep aids because I fear dependency. I'm looking for more natural or homeopathic remedies.

Posted by Heather
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Google 'sleep hygiene' and compare your habits to ones that induce and maintain sleep.

Melatonin and chamomile tea

diet changes.

Mini heart attack?????>…..?

I don't think this is a heart attack nor do i know how to explain this. But sometimes when I'm sleeping at night…. And I'm asleep not (half awake) …. I wake up and have this feeling like when someone really scares you and you panic and can't breathe type of thing…. And it scares me… And it was not cause i had a bad dream , my dreams are normal… But the mini heart attack thing scares me… What is it?

Posted by x3smile.
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You are having some type of sleep terror even tho you think the dreams are normal.
If you had a heart problem this would be going on in the daytime. You also might
be having sleep apnea ( google that) and you should try sleeping on your back-
neck well supported, and pillow under the knees- head a bit elevated. See how that affects.

If this keeps up, I would get checked by the MD. If nothing is there, then go to justask.com
and ask a homeopath. There are homeopathic remedies for night terrors. Homeopathis
is safe, and gentle and erases the problem – it does not cover it up with a drug. See
homeopathy and more education site for more info. It is another med. System and one
I have used on my family for many years, it can heal very subtle things that allopathy
does not know what to do with.

I moan and groan in my sleep…help?!?!?

My boyfriend says that I moan and grunt in my sleep…I know I don't have sleep apnea I'm only 20 and I'm healthy and I don't stop breathing…I'm just confused as to why I do this and if there is anything I can do to stop it?

Posted by morbid_heartbreak
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If you consult a good homeopathic physician you can get the remedy
for that.It is basically depends on mind.

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