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Petra Nemcova Confirms Laurent Lamothe Romance (Showbiz Spy)

PETRA Nemcova is dishing the dirt on her romance with handsome Haitian prime minister Laurent Lamothe. The model and philanthropist, 34, survived the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami but tragically lost her fiancé Simon Atlee in the disaster. But now she has moved on — and Petra is happier than ever. "Yes, we are involved, and I am very happy," Nemcova… Read the full article here.

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Au Natural: Teach Your Daughter Inexpensive and Healthy Beauty ...

Natural-gas futures take a hit on supply data – Proactive Investors Australia

Proactive Investors AustraliaNatural-gas futures take a hit on supply dataProactive Investors AustraliaNatural-gas futures settled at their lowest level in more than a week after weekly data showed that U.S. Supplies rose on the high end of expectations. June natural gas fell 2.6% to end at US$4.359 per million British thermal units on the New York …and more »

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Questions and Answers

Legs: wax or au natural?

I'm female and had a back injury recently and now that warm weather is here I have realized I can't shave my legs perfectly. My back is going to take a long time to recover – if I get full mobility. I can't decided do I spend a ton of money on painful waxing, wear long pants and skirts, or try to work up the nerve to be the chick with hairy legs?

Serious answers please!!! I'm really vain and I've never even considered this issue until I realized I completely missed shaving the very front of both legs.

PS. I live alone so no one to get assistance from.

Posted by curiouszoey01
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I have always found "the chick with hairy legs" exceptionally hot. Women who don't shave are usually more confident and adventurous. Plus the feel of long leg hair is soft and sensual. Give up on shaving and be your natural self.

Paintball or natural?

Posted by yfood
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I prefer me balls au natural, yfood.

Do men perfer women au Natural or with red lipstick?

I recently bought two shades of red lipstick because i thought it looked amazing on me. I'm not the type to wear make-up (not even lip gloss), but i was just messing around in the store and realized how great it looked. I really want a boyfriend since i've never had one and thought red lips will at least draw some guys towards me. Am I being naive or will this really work?

Posted by abc321
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I would say natural for everyday and red for going out. Red lips can look so sexy! However you shouldn't use makeup to draw guys in. Most guys like natural looks. Red lips if done wrong can look really clowny and fake. Keep the rest of your makeup highly natural if you want to rock a red lip. And find a shade that suits your skintone. If you're fair stick with redy orange toned reds. And if you have darker skin then go with a blue toned red! 🙂

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