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Buy Restaurants’ Excess Food For Cheap (psfk)

The excess food at supermarkets and restaurants often ends up getting thrown away even when they're still good to eat. About 30 to 40 percent of the food in the US gets wasted and wasted food costs everyone money. Wasted food doesn't help the environment either since most of the trashed food end up in landfills. Furthermore, throwing away excess food doesn't just waste the food itself, but it also translates to wasting the natural resources and materials that went into producing the food.
PareUp is an app designed to help reduce the amount of food that goes to waste. It is a mobile marketplace that connects people to restaurants and food stores that have excess food so that consumers can buy the food from these places before the stores throw them away. The restaurants and grocery stores can sell the food at a discounted price.
Founded by Margaret Tung, Jason Chen and Anuj Jhunjhunwala, PareUp aims to tackle the issue of food waste in a unique way by making it a win-win situation for the parties involved.
Through PareUp, shops and businesses can cut down on their waste and losses by earning from products that …

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Amazon.com: Natural & Organic: Grocery & Gourmet Food

Jimkata Bring "an Organic, Natural Sound" to Electronic Music – New Times Broward-Palm Beach (blog)

Jimkata Bring "an Organic, Natural Sound" to Electronic MusicNew Times Broward-Palm Beach (blog)In this EDM-soaked world, mostly filled with producers or bands that keep things heavily produced with usually slim to no vocals (unless sampled), it's very rare to find a group making electronic music that takes time to really craft their songs and …and more »

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Questions and Answers

Organic vs. All natural.?

Call me a dumb-dumb but I don't completely understand the difference between the two. I've been shopping at an all natural/ organic/ health food store, I like it but I have some questions. …Such as:
Which is really better for you organic or all natural?
Is there really that big of a difference?
Could you recommend some good foods to me, please?

–Thanks ^.^

Posted by Amber
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It is very difficult in America to determine what is truly organic and what is natural. We should be able to trust labels and buy natural foods and supplements. Our illustrious FDA is being headed by an ex-Monsanto executive that has successfully allowed ALL genetically engineered foods to be labeled as SAFE. Interestingly enough, Monsanto is making products and promoting this as a good thing in huge quantities. Over 40% of our food is now genetically engineered and thanks to the FDA, NO LABELS telling you that. Don't you think you should at least have a choice in what you eat? I do.

Unfortunately, 97.5% of all the bottled vitamins in health food stores have problems with them. They are either old from sitting on shelves too long (feather dusters are very popular in health food stores), contain toxic tagalongs added to pills like magnesium stearate that inhibits the absorption of nutrients by up to 80% and is an immune suppressant and trans fat (most pills contain 5% of the total ingredients of this garbage), improper mixture of ingredients that cause funny reactions or the nutrients to not work right, low grade nutrients like grade 1 or 2 instead of high quality grade 10 nutrients.

The so called natural ingredients can be things like MSG (monosodium glutamate) that causes lesions in the brain. Many so called natural products sold contain synthetic ingredients to boost the potency.

The best advice is to stay completely away from multivitamins, buy no pills or capsules from health food stores, and eat foods labeled organic (even though some are not really, it is better than the alternative), and cook your food in olive oil, walnut oil, palm oil, coconut oil, etc. Eat beef from grass fed cows only. Stay completely away from all SOY products and Canola. These are genetically engineered and terrible for you.

It is simply not easy to find good food in America. The U.S. Now ranks 24th in longevity. 23 other countries in the world have people that live longer than we do. 75% of all American die of heart disease. 30% are OBESE and 70% are overweight (fat). You cannot trust the so called experts because they are promoting products being pushed by manufacturers.

Good luck to you.

What are your favorite natural/organic brands?

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Most organic cosmetics are anything but Organic or natural
My farm was certified organic for many years and i do buy Organic products but O far prefer local products.

I plan on eating an All organic natural healthy diet?

Do you think it's a good idea??

I'm 15 and wanna lose weight and be as healthy as I can be and have more energy to do things I would never do. What kind of foods should I consider buying. My mom thinks it's good I wanna be healthy and I plan on doing exercise and using all natural products on my body.

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All organic and natural is a wonderful idea. Organic food is much tastier! As far as foods go, I find that the closer you stay to the source or nature of the food, the better. In other words, avoid processed food. Choose whole grains and whole wheat instead of white flour. Eat a diet rich in fruits, veg, whole grains, and make sure you drink plenty of water. If you go the vegetarian or vegan route, get plenty of protein from soy based products (tempeh, tofu) and other vegetables (lentils, broccoli). Try to get 1 hr of exercise a day, 4-5 times a week. Then you shall be on the path to good health and happiness. Best of luck!

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