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Kimberly Clark (KMB): New Analyst Report from Zacks Equity Research – Zacks Equity Research Report (Zacks)

Kimberly-Clark's first quarter 2014 earnings of $1.48 and sales of $5.3 million were in-line with the Zacks Consensus Estimate and the prior-year figure. Earnings were boosted by organic sales growth, cost savings and lower selling, general and administrative expenses, which made up for increased input costs and currency headwinds.

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Organic Products |, Shirataki Noodles, Miso Soup

Rapidly growing United Natural Foods to acquire Tony's Fine Foods for $195 … – The Providence Journal

The Providence JournalRapidly growing United Natural Foods to acquire Tony's Fine Foods for $195 …The Providence JournalUnited Natural Foods, a leading independent distributor of organic, natural and specialty foods, distributes more than 65,000 products to more than 31,000 customers throughout the United States and Canada. Until now, its dry grocery, frozen foods, …United Natural Foods Announces Agreement to Acquire Tony's Fine Foods for …BenzingaUnited Natural Foods, Inc. Announces Agreement to Acquire Tony's Fine FoodsMarketWatchUnited Natural Foods to buy Tony's Fine FoodsFresno Beeall 29 news articles »

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Questions and Answers

What are your favorite all natural/organic products/food?

What are your favorite all natural/organic products/food? I want to start eating better and not be exposed to so many chemicals in other products. Any suggestions? I am on a budget so I want the most bang for my buck.

Any from Wholefoods, Wegmans, or Trader Joes?
Also interested to hear your favorite non-food items (soap, candles, lotion, anything).

Posted by Gracie J
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Well im going through the same stages u r going through sweetie. But i am eating salads and much more healthier things like fruitss but if u eat like fast foods or what not make sure u do exercise to burn that fat. If you want to kno what my weight is now i am 125 slim and slender.

Should I be using natural/organic personal care products?

Just curious. I don't use THAT many toiletries or personal care products, but I use toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, face wash, deodorant, and shaving cream pretty much daily. I also use lotion sometimes. So I was wondering if it's important health-wise to use natural or organic versions of these products. Thanks!

Posted by Brian
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I use toothpaste from the health food store because of allergies, but I don't think it makes that big of a difference otherwise. I tried a lot, but I think it was just more expensive.

Good natural/organic dog food?

I am looking for a good dog food that is organic or all natural for large breed dogs, does anyone have any suggestions? Also does anyone know what the difference is between the all natural and organic foods? What makes it organic and what makes it all natural?

Posted by Emily
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Natura's "Karma" is as organic as commercial dog food gets – only commersh food I know of that is the 95%+ organic neccessary to be USDA Certified Organic.

It is also as expensive as it gets. I've only seen it actually carried in one store, and it was $29.99 for a six lb bag.

I would imagine any store that carries Innova or Evo (same mfctr.) would be happy to special order you Karma tho.

Castor & Pollux Organix is fairly organic.

Natural Balance has an organic line now

Newmans Own has some organic ingredients.

Foods that don't meet USDA criteria will get themselves 'certified' by other agencies – but the credibility of those certifications is dubious, IMO.

ADD: Kirkland dog food is not the least bit organic. Ingredient list here:


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