Homemade Hair Products

Zoë Saldana's Surprising DIY Hair Secrets: Steal Them Now! (people)

The actress spills are her favorite DIY beauty treatments.

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Homemade Hair Growth Recipes: Natural Products With Grocery Store ...

Curl Kitchens in Bronzeville, South Loop in Fray Over Hair Business – DNAinfo

Curl Kitchens in Bronzeville, South Loop in Fray Over Hair BusinessDNAinfoSOUTH LOOP — The two hair-care shops in Bronzeville and the South Loop both feature similar organic products, an identical logo and even the same name: Curl Kitchen. But while they also both have brightly colored storefronts and the same vision for …

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Questions and Answers

I need a homemade heat protector for hair?

I need it cuz I don't wanna go to the store and purchase it please and thank you!!!

Posted by Hailey
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Homemade, store bought, no matter . . . HOW they're made. HEAT PROTECTION, does not protect hair 100%. Like using sunscreen, you still get sunburned. Same with hair. Hair products are not made of glue to fix, prevent, reverse hair from getting damaged or hair loss, they ARE A TRILLION DOLLAR BUSINESS, and the hair industry also do not give money back guarantee for damaged hair or hair loss caused by heat & chemicals.

Heat & chemicals are hair's worst enemies. If you want curly hair, (or straight hair to tame your curly hair) look @ videos or hairstyles of women in the late 40's or 50's, and see how healthy & silky their curly hair was. Have you seen Miracle on 34th Street or Downton Abbey? Their hair wasn't styled by professional hairstylists. They were styled by maids. No hair oil, no serum, no hair sprays, and no gels with just the use of shampoo & conditioner. Many countries didn't even have bottled shampoo & conditioner, example in my country, all we've ever used was a bar of soap for our bodies, hair & laundry. I did that for 13 years, even though my hair was permed, but there was no frizzy, no blowdrying and my hair was the same as today: silky, shiny, soft, smooth it IS HOW they are styled when they're wet, and no hair dryer (for 13 years I lived in Asia). Many women then had long hair, curly hair and they wore hats, and pin-curled or plastic curlers curled HAIRSTYLES. The men too, have very shiny hair like the women, although the men used pomade . . .that was before Bumble & Bumble's production 70's, John Frieda's production 1988 or the invention of heating tools, and WEN in 1996. Another way to find the secret to beautiful hair? Find someone with beautiful healthy curls or silky, shiny (not greasy) straight hair and ask him or her to share secrets, preferably someone who is 40-60 years older than YOU. I have 5 decades, so you're getting the answers you need, right here! I won't charge you a penny!
Better yet, watch Pretty Woman – Julia Roberts's hair in that movie! In the 90's, they didn't have many hair products or heating tools and they also styled her hair many ways!

For more infor on heating tools: Http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;…

Homemade hair care products ?

I'm an male and my hair is roughly a inch n a half long and was needing to know if anyone knew of any good recipes to stir up a good oil, condition, shampoo, or a great treatment I could use. I really have no regimen And have been researching what type of regime I should approach and was just wanting to know if anyone could help me with a daily regimen.

Posted by James
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I'll whip up a regime for ya 🙂

1.shampoo your hair once a week -shea moisture retentions shampoo is a good moisturizing one
2.deep condition (hair treatment) your hair always after shampooing -silk elements megasilk moisturizing treatment is a good one.
3.co-wash on the days in between when your hair is dry as an alternative to shampooing if you don;t know what it is look it up here:
4.always apply a moisturizer on your hair.-silk elements silken child is a good leave in but an amazing one is qhemet biologic amla and burdock heavy cream
5.an oil to apply on your hair after that or on your scalp can be argan, coconut oil or castor oil (which i love)
6.before i forget for a conditioner you can use anything that works for you- yes to carrots conditioner is a good recommendation.

Here you go and follow my blog if you like ^_^ wish you the best.

What are some homemade products for damaged hair?

I just dyed my hair and i put lots of treatments on it but it seems like my hair is just sooooo dry. I tried everything from the store sooo can anyone please help me and give something homemade!! Thanx:)

Posted by kayla d
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Conditioner for dry hair: mix 1 egg, 1 tsp honey, and 2 tsp olive oil. Apply to wet hair, cover with a shower cap or layer plastic wrap. Leave on for at least 30 minutes before shampooing out.

Nourishing hair pack: mash up a overrripe avocado and blend it through dry hair. Leave on for 30 minutes. Shampoo thoroughly.

Hot oil treatment:
mix 1 cup of olive oil with 1/4 cup butter. Microwave for one minute. Apply for 20 minutes. Shampoo

damaged hair repair: mash a rip banana and mix with a few drops of almond oil. Massage entire head, leave on 15 minutes. Rinse thoroughly.

Yogurt conditioner: use plain yogurt as a conditioner/final rinse. Rub in after shampooing, leave on for 20 minutes. Rinse with warm water.

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