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Two Pedals Publishing Announces the Guide to Green Fabrics Product Suite (Send2Press)

SACRAMENTO, Calif., May 13, 2014 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Two Pedals Publishing(TM) announced today the release of its full suite of books and other materials related to its new title, 'Guide to Green Fabrics, Eco- Friendly Textiles for Fashion and Interior Design' (ISBN: 9780975298398, 178 full color pages, $40) the ultimate eco-fiber reference guide for instructors, textiles professionals, design students, fashion and interior designers, product manufacturers, and home sewing aficionados wanting to learn more about the latest developments in green textiles.

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Healthy Living Natural Beauty: Guest Post - "Natural Organic ...

EBT/SNAP funds now accepted at Beaches Green Market – Florida Times-Union

Florida Times-UnionEBT/SNAP funds now accepted at Beaches Green MarketFlorida Times-UnionDevon Ritch, director of the Beaches Local Food Network, the group that runs the market as well as the Beaches Organic Community Food Garden and the Children's Garden, said the response to the program has been phenomenal. “It has been very well …and more »

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Questions and Answers

Does a chemical product necessarily mean it's not natural (organic)?

There are some chemical products made of 100% natural sources…

Posted by Invasion
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I think that you are on very dangerous ground if your start to claim in a chemistry forum that only natural products are organic. By elimination then , all man synthesised compounds are not of nature and are therefore non – organic. The so called vital force theory of organic compounds was disproved probably 150 years ago. Unfortunately the green brigade has hijacked the term organic to mean exclusively something that has been derived from the living world. For some reason vitamin C or ascorbic acid which has been extracted from a lime is considered more worthy than the identical chemical compound which has been man-made by the thousands of tonnes annually in a chemical reactor.
In chemistry the term organic is used to define a particular sector of chemistry, little if any coming directly from living raw materials.

If you consider a chemical coming from natural sources, the most common would probably be the sodium chloride salt that we consume every day. But this is not an organic chemical, it is an inorganic chemical.

What are the top direct sales companies that sells green, natural, organic products?

For years, I've been searching for the best direct sale companies that sells green, natural, organic products. They all have their good qualities and as a customer, I love buying them all. But as a business perspective, I'm trying to find that one company more suitable for me. I want one that sells safe products for my children, family and home — no chemicals in laundry detergents, toiletries, household cleaners and hopefully a company that sells organic foods. Is there a company out there? I don't have time to make my own natural products and we really pay attention to the labels. We have tried some that say they are "green" but we could tell there are still chemicals in them. We have sensitive skin and are prone to allergies.

Posted by iniibigs
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Try to search for the company Vitaplus, they sell safe and organic products.

Do you know any green or organic beauty products?

My mom doesn't know and doesn't know how to work this website.

Posted by
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Try, all their products are organic and natural. They stock all the most well known brands such as Lavera, Green People etc.

They have loads of info there as well.

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