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12 Breakfast Cereals That Are More Than 50% Sugar (TIME)

In a year, kids eat more than 10 pounds of sugar by weight from breakfast cereal.

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Community goes green for Earth Day – Cadillac News (subscription)

Cadillac News (subscription)Community goes green for Earth DayCadillac News (subscription)Musician Seth Bernard and the Earthwork collective performed beneath the pavilion throughout the afternoon, and about a dozen vendors were also in attendance, networking with community members. Vendor Steve Davis … The Grow a Row for Senior Green …

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Questions and Answers

What hair products are completely natural?

Can anyone advise me on hair products that are natural that are silicone and sulphate free. Most natural products I have tried still list sulphate or silicone in the ingridients and it makes me feel very cheated because they claim to be natural when they're clearly not. I have chemically relaxed afro hair so I need something that isn't damaging.

Posted by Munashe
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Hi Munashe,

Like you have experienced before, most natural products you find in stores have certain ingredients like silicone and sulphate. If you are going to look for a product anywhere, it will contain chemicals (even bottled water have chemicals – unbelievable). Anyhow, you could have a try and make your own hair products [URL Http://…

My advise to you is that, not just because something is 'natural' it will be good for you. Chemicals are found everywhere. Your hair is chemically relaxed and needs products that react well to such hair. Perhaps instead of looking for products that are completely natural, consider products that work for your hair. Its not about the product, its about your hair. Whatever it makes it look/feel/smell good is what you should have.

The key to not damage your hair is to treat it will love and care. Concentrate on deep conditioning your hair and keeping it moistured. Refrain from using too much heat. Wrap your hair at night and don't be lazy with your hair. Damaged hair is hair that is not treated right.

Remember, whatever your hair likes it what you should have. If you want natural products, make them yourself – and its guaranteed to be natural.

I hope I could help you out.

Please feel free to ask any questions @MalTati.

Are Organic Surge products actually natural ?

I am swapping my current face/body/hair products to natural ones, usually I am buying everything from Lavera/Weleda/Logona, but their quantities are small (toners only 50ml, hair conditioners only 150ml…), I found Organic Surge when I was looking online for something new, this brand claims that all their products are natural and organic, but I am not sure if it's true… Are peg7 / peg20 and peg 40 ingredients natural? Http://…
Could someone tell me what to avoid when I am looking for natural ingredients?
I would really appreciate if someone could give me an advice.

Posted by Allice
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Thanks for your enquiry about Organic Surge. Organic Surge products contain a blend of naturally-derived ingredients and certified natural fragrances or organic essential oils. It is the natural and organic fragrances that give the products their refreshing aromatic ‘surge’, both in the packaging and in use. To guarantee product quality, our formulations include a preservative system which has been proven gentle and safe through many years of use in similar products. It is a chemical system but is approved for use by organic certification bodies such as the UK Soil Association and EcoCert.

Organic Surge products contained PEGs when they first launched. Several customers told us that they would prefer us not to use natural or synthetic PEGs and to make the formulations as natural as possible, without compromising on performance or quality. Over the last year, we have therefore updated the formulations to do exactly that, for example our wash-off products, such as shower gel, hand wash and shampoo, are over 99% natural.

We are in the process of reformulating Pure Extracts Refreshing Toner and are currently selling the last of the original formula. When we next make this product it will be in the updated, PEG-free formulation.

Hope that helps,

The Organic Surge Team.

Which is best natural skin and care product brand?

I was using natural products like milk, honey, tomato for cleansing.. And shikakai other products for hair…but now m nt getting enough time to skin and hair care, so i wanted a good brand for
Face: cleanser, day cream with moisturiser, night cream, mask, scrub
Hair: shampoo and conditioner
please let me know which is good brand for skin and hair care products with natural ingredients.

Posted by SDT
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Natural products are always the best bet for taking care of not only yourself but also the earth. The variety of natural or organic products available are confusing to anyone. First of all let me try to help you with how to chose natural products. When you purchase products that say organic or natural, make sure to read the ingredients. Look for what natural ingredients like oatmeal, mushroom extract, honey, carrots etc are available in the product. Do not be under the notion that natural or organic products do not contain any chemicals. All skin and hair care products contain some essential chemicals that are harmless to your skin. Also, the best way to chose natural products is to chose the ones that contain natural fragrances as un-natural fragrance causes the most harn to your skin.

And now coming to the brand of natural products. Burts bees, Avalon Organics, Aveda, Yes to Carrots, Himalaya are all some of the up and coming products. You can always purchase these products online from their respective website if it is un-available in your country.

Hope this helps.

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