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natural hair care products for african american hair ...

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Questions and Answers

What product or shampoo,etc.would ne good to stay with my natural extreme color black hair?

Everybody always asks me how much did it cost me to do my hair i love it i've been using anti breakage olive grownth oil a miracle minimizes split ends stops beakage and leaves hair shinny and all organic but about my hair i never want it to change well when i get old but not now i want something to keep my natural hair color great.

Posted by Arlette
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Use good shampoo and good hair oil which keeps your hair think, shiny & black. You can try Mira hair oil. It is that the product is all natural. You are not putting any harsh chemical compounds into your hair. Many hair products use sulphates. Sulphates can actually strip the moisture out of your hair and reduce the shine. Even among the more effectively-recognized hair oil merchandise like Moroccan Oil have several chemicals in them that simply aren't great to your hair.

Natural black hair dye help?

Hey guys,I have a natural dark hair but I want to get it totally black,what's the best NATURAL black hair dye from Loreal? That's not sooo black just normal black and shiny? Does this kind of dye ruin my hair? Or makes it drier? Please help me with all you can. Here's a pic of what i actually want
thanks y'all <3.

Posted by Deema
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Not sure that Loreal products are actually "natural plant product"…they can use the word "natural" very loosely to trick you.

I use Harvest Moon hair dye and it is all natural plant product that does not contain any chemicals. They do have a black color, not sure about the degree of black color you would get. I am sure they can help you answer any questions you have.

Natural Black Hair care Product Review!?

Do u like these products?

Organic Root Stimulator

Carrot oil
Jojoba oil
Shea Butter
Hair Mayo
Olive oil lotion

Just for me

Curl Creme

Soft & Beautiful

Soft & Beautiful Sculpting Foam

Elasta Qp
Mango Butter

Fantasia IC Gel.

Posted by Girl
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I want to try the essential oils and 100% shea butter. I heard they're really good. Here sre more sites for natural hair: (designed mostly for black women and these women are all about growing hair long and the forums have great product and styling advice) (love the forums and articles and have prduct advice galore. Makes you love being curly) (type in hair and you will find many women of all colors who have great advice about hair care and how to videos) (not really advice for relaxed sisters but still helpful in learning to love and care for your texture) (many women have pictures detailing their hair journey, especially helpful for transitioning but really inspiring) (terri has great hair and even though you might not be mixed her hair tips about how to wash and condition are invaluable for all curly textures)

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