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From Cottage to Dream Home: Cloud Street Residence (Fresh Inspiration for Your Home)

…Located in Menlo Park, California, the boldly colored Cloud Street Residence impresses with its modern aesthetic and makes you wonder how it looks on the inside. The 50’x100’ lot was adorned with a new construction resting on the existing 900 sqf foundation that used to be a cottage. Adding another 500 square feet of flexible indoor and outdoor space proved
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Organic vs. All Natural - Adore Your Health

Hillshire Brand Buys Van's Natural Foods — What Does This Mean for the Future … – One Green Planet

Hillshire Brand Buys Van's Natural Foods — What Does This Mean for the Future …One Green PlanetIs it okay for Big Food to own almost all of the major natural/organic food brands? How will this impact decisions about the natural/organic food industry in the future? Do you trust natural/organic food brands owned by Big Food corporations? We'd love …

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Questions and Answers

Natural cleaning products?

Do these natural or organic cleaning products actually clean as good as the other kinds? And are they really better for your house and environment? If so which ones are the best to get?

Posted by adr901yea
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I believe they both clean the same. Natural products dont normally come with the smell, organic products are not harmful if swallowed and they are pricier then regular over the counter products.

Do you use natural organic safe beauty products?

I am looking for brands of makeup and lotions that are safe from harmful chemicals. I am especially want to find face and body lotion, mascara, foundation and eye shadow. The cheaper the better.

Posted by elizabeth_chvz
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Unfortunately most natural products are hard to find cheap because they don't use cheap chemical preservatives. Try Aubrey Organics, Lavera & Lavera, Eccobella, Colorganics, Zia or Bare Minerals. Beware, a lot of products that say they are natural still use chemical preservatives and fillers. Even Bare Minerals uses them.

Best all natural organic skincare products?

I want to start using organic products……
Thank you everyone for such great answers… I will be looking into all of these. I also like the idea of using apple vinegar and olive oil but might skip the vinegar…..a good sugar scrub might be olive oil and sugar…. I also have heard of using honey on the face…. Thanks everyone!!!!
It's going to be hard to choose a best answer…
Thanks for the discounts and coupon code too….

Posted by L M
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A majority of Burt Bee's products are at least 98.6% natural. I haven't bought anything from yet, but if you use code: GCN you get 10% off. I heard an ad on Alex Jones radio show for it, and they advertise a lot of great natural products there.

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