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Natural Hair Products–Who Got Next? | Afrobella

Familiar shampoo brushed aside for simpler alternatives — or none at all – Omaha World-Herald

Familiar shampoo brushed aside for simpler alternatives — or none at allOmaha World-HeraldFor conditioner, she uses apple cider vinegar and water. Occasionally, she throws on some coconut oil to give her hair a little extra moisture. More and more people are giving up their shampoo and opting for more natural solutions — or no hair …and more »

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Questions and Answers

What products are best for natural hair?

So ive been perm free for about 7 months. I've been wearing my hair in braids since then. So i need to no what hair products are best for natural hair. I want something with out alot of chemicals. Also i need u to tell me where i can purchase the items from. Thank You.

Posted by Liz Brown
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I have natural hair and the products that have worked best for me were the Mineral Indulgence ones. They don't contain mineral oil or petroleum and are 100% natural and designed for natural hair. I recommend the Curls By Nature, No Poo Conditioning Cleanser, Growing Natural Healthy Har An Scalp Butter, Pure and Natural Detangler Lotion and the Kiwi Coconut Hair Smoothie. These are currently my top fav. Products and they definitely work. They are also good for braid outs and twist outs and are really moisturizing (not greasy). I recommend these if you are looking for natural and moisturizing alternatives for your natural hair.

Good Luck!


Natural Hair Products for African American Hair. Help?

Are "Do Gro" products good for natural hair?

Posted by
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With Natural Hair you really want to be careful. In my opinion natural needs to stay with natural. Meaning you really only want to use products that are for sure natural. Because, products like "Do Gro" they still have some pretty harsh chemicals in there products and the also use mineral oil. Mineral Oil is the worst thing to put in your hair because it can clog your pores, with clog pores means slow to stopped hair growth. This product could wind up doing less other than more for your hair. For an example of some good natural product lines that gets your hair really clean and moisturized are Kinky Curly, Shea Moisture, Curls, I haven't used Miss Jissy"s but I heard great things about it, and Aubrey Organics are all wonderful natural hair product lines. I hope this helped!

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