African American Natural Hair Care

We Tried It: A Haircut Just for Curly Hair (people)

Is a salon for curly girls worth the money?

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Natural Black Hair Care

S. Africa's Black Hair Businesses Thriving – Voice of America

Voice of AmericaS. Africa's Black Hair Businesses ThrivingVoice of AmericaElements of his documentary ring true in South Africa, the dominant market on the continent for hair care products. According to researchers, black women are willing to spend at least double the amount on hair and beauty products that white women do.

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Questions and Answers

How to care for natural African American hair.?

Posted by b_star
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To keep it short…check out

From the website:
" is your resource for the style and beauty of Natural Black Hair. We are dedicated to all the women in the diaspora who proudly wear their highly textured hair naturally. is the place to find photographs, Black natural hair journals, websites, forums, information and links about the care, maintenance and politics of natural hair. Natural napptural hair.

Here you will find photos of all natural styles, comb coils, two-strand twists, afro puffs, afros dredlocks (dreadlocks), locs and many other natural styles. Styled by napptural-haired women on their own hair. Join the community and meet some new friends! "

You will find all the answers you are looking for and more in regards to caring for naturally kinky hair.

How do you take care of Natural African American Hair ?

Posted by Girl
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Good question! Many blacks, including professional black hairstylists do not know how to properly care for natural hair. It's not common sense and it's something that needs to be learned. Firstly, you have to keep it moisturized and strong. You can keep it moisturized by doing regular moisturizing deep conditioning treatments (weekly, bi-monthly), or by using the baggying method (e-mail if you want more info on this, or you can google it). To keep it strong you need to do protein treatments. These are usually the anti-breakage products. Protein keeps your hair strong and helps keep its elasticity. Protein can also dry out the hair and too much protein can have negative effects, like breakage – same with too much moisture. You need to balance out the protein with moisture, so always follow a protein treatment with a moisturizing deep conditioner. I recommend Nexxus Emergency as a protein and Neutrogena Triple Moisture Hair Recovery Mask as a moisturizing deep conditioner. I use both of these products weekly.

There are also natural and raw ingredients you can use in your hair such as natural oils and butters. Cocoa and shea butter in their raw forms will give your hair a lot of moisture. You cannot find the raw ingredients in regular stores, so look for them online or in a health foods store. Shea butter can also be found in many African or Jamaican boutiques. Natural oils like olive, jojoba, and coconut oil are also good for your hair. Oils are used more to seal in moisture because they are not moisturizers. You use them to keep your hair from getting too dry, but not to moisturize your hair, so you'll add a moisturizer and then add some oil to seal in the moisture.

Personally, I stay away from the black hair care isle because many of these products that are supposedly for black hair are laced with some of the worst ingredients that you can put in your hair. Petroleum, mineral oil, and lanolin are the main culprits. If you find all three ingredients in one product then I recommend not using it. The same if it includes petroleum because it's just nasty and greasy and does nothing more than coat your hair. My favorite products are products that are for all hair types like Wen, Nexxus, Neutrogena, and Giovanni among many others.

You can get many product recommendations from natural hair message boards and websites. Good luck.

Some sources for you:


African American Natural Hair Care?

Does anyone in the Dallas metroplex know of a natural hair care salon. I'm not looking to wear micro braids or weave. I would like to find a professional stylist that can take me through the transitioning period.

Thank you.

Posted by evile07
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I dont know of any places

i stopped getting relaxers in 7th grade and i didnt have no help me transisition to natural, it can be hard because your hair can start to break where the natural hair and relaxed hair meets, keep getting your ends trimmed or you can just go for the big chop off!!!

What i did was use a product called stay soft fro, on the bottle it looks like sta.sof.fro or somethinf like the kind that is for extra dry hair comes in a brown bottle. It can be a lil drippy, but it is great for natural hair, my hair was so soft, people assumed my hair was dry because it was natural, my hair felt like cotton, it is a very good leave in conditioner, and it made the relaxed parts of my hair look less straight, so it blended in a lil more

having natural hair says so many things about us black women, people see us as being bold and having courage because we actually decided to have the guts to go "nappy" as they would say lol i hate that word. But until you get all your permed hair cut out u might wanna try maybe flat ironing your hair if u want. I flat iron my hair since i dont get relaxers, if u wanna know of a good flat iron email me, the website is u can look at all kinds of flat irons and they had this thing where it says top 10b best flat irons, the #1 was a 1 1/2 inch sedu it had the best ratings and everything, im gonna put a pic on there like everyone else, but it costs about 125, it works the best i have tried so many i mean my hair even moves like a white girls lol, that is how straight i get it.

But good luck goin natural email me if u like!!!!!

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