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Skateboards Made Of Fishing Net Help Clean The Ocean As They’re Made (psfk)

Green products are growing in popularity for a number of reasons, high among them is that they have qualities that will protect the environment, and they replace artificial ingredients with more natural ones. It's no surprise that these notions have resulted in the expansion of green initiatives to include more mainstream items, and items geared towards youth. Bureo Skateboards has latched onto this idea and exapnded upon it.
Founded by three friends who worked in collaboration with designer Gabriella Laruccia and organic recycled skateboard company Satori Movement, Bureo Skateboards has come out with the first skateboards whose decks are made entirely out of recycled fishing nets. The company has a recycling program that salvages fishing nets from off the coast of Chile to create these Minnow cruising boards, each of which removes 30 square feet of fishing nets from the ocean and reduces the greenhouse gas footprint by as much as 70 percent. In addition, the skateboards feature a fish-like design, including a split tale, scales, and wheels with 100 percent recycled cores and made from 30 percent vegetable oil.
Bureo's recycling program, "Net Positiva," guarantees that all labor and materials are locally sourced and provides Chilean …

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Do All-Natural Skincare Products Really Work?

Natural products industry taking root in WNC – Asheville Citizen-Times

Natural products industry taking root in WNCAsheville Citizen-TimesAbout 100 supporters, economic developers, manufacturers and growers gathered Friday at the Arboretum's educational center for the North Carolina State of the Natural Products Industry and Awards luncheon. The event was hosted by the Utah-based …

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Questions and Answers

Cheapest natural / organic baby skincare products?

I need a cheap website (natural products seem to be very expensive), with reasonable shipping costs to europe.

Posted by vanillapaws
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Unfortunately natural, organic, baby skincare products tend to be expensive due to their high-quality ingredients. However, you don't have to buy products specifically made for baby care. The following products are great for both baby and adult skincare use:

-coconut oil (great moisturizer, you can use this in place of diaper cream since it is moisturizing, anti-viral, and anti-bacterial)

-shea butter (great moisturizer, it really locks in moisture)

-cocoa butter (great moisturizer, it really locks in moisture and has a great chocolatey smell)

-castille soap (fantastic soap, it doesn't strip the body of it's natural oils thus leaving the skin moisturized and not dry)

Usually if you buy the said products in bulk you can get them for a considerably cheaper price. It may cost more up-front, but in the long run, using these products will definitely save you money (not mention that these are fantastic organic, natural, and healthy options)!

Since it sounds like you're a parent, I would also recommend that you download the application Recalls Plus. It allows parents to create customized lists of foods and children's products to be alerted about if recalled. It's a great tool for parents!

Recalls Plus.

Best all natural hair products?

I used to use Burt's Bees More Moisture Raspberry and Brazil Nut Shampoo/Conditioner, but they discontinued it…so I'm looking for something else.

Any thoughts? If you're into natural hair products and such, what do you use?

Posted by
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I use Mixed Silk by Silk products. It's specifically for natural hair. It makes your hair naturally curly. The results are beautiful.

All natural beauty products?

Can anyone come up with a list of natural products that are used for beauty? Such as tea tree oil for acne, etc? Please include what the use is!

Posted by S Harrison
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Natural beauty tips and products

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