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Organic Skin Care

Gernetic Skin Care Products

Unilever Plc (UL): New Analyst Report from Zacks Equity Research – Zacks Equity Research Report (Zacks)

Unilever's first quarter 2014 revenues of $15.6 billion declined 6.3%, largely hurt by the devaluations of currencies in Brazil, Argentina, Indonesia and India. A stronger Euro also led to the decline.

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organic antiaging skin care ECOCERT products.

Eminence Organic Skin Care Joins Green Spa Network to Lead Sustainability … – Intercooler

Eminence Organic Skin Care Joins Green Spa Network to Lead Sustainability …IntercoolerFor decades, Éminence Organic Skin Care ( has been proud to be one of the first natural, organic and Biodynamic® skin care companies in the spa industry to offer spas the tools, education and opportunity to lower their …and more »

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Questions and Answers

What do you think of organic skin care?

Would you buy it.

Posted by
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Because there is no organic standard for skin care/beauty products most are a big scam. You see organics is regulated by the USDA. Body care by the FDA. The FDA has no organic standard so it is actually legal for products regulated by the FDA to slap a label that says they are organic when in reality scant few national brands could actually pass the organic certification regulations with their current formulations

see Http://… fpr a lot more information about this.

What are some good organic makeup lines and skin care?

Something 100% organic please. I've heard about 100%pure, afterglow… Anything else??????? Please lemme know.

Posted by Mina Campos
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I *love* Juice Beauty's skin care products. Except their tinted moisturizers, which are all too dark for me. So I use Juice Organics in fair. It doesn't offer much coverage, but when I stick to organic products (and don't eat dairy) I don't need much. Juice Organics also offers some skin care products that would be my second choice to Juice Beauty's, and cheaper.

When I need a bit more coverage, I use Korre's Wild Rose foundation.

I agree with the suggestion of Tarte. They make some very nice mineral and organic options if you want some color. I have some bronzers and blush from them. They also always put out palettes for the holiday, which are a nice way to try several products.

When I need "serious" skin care like winter hand care or lip balm for if I am flying, I always turn to Weleda.

Green Skin Care?

Where, what skin care products can I buy that are organic/natural and acne-friendly… I'd just hate to put all of those chemicals on my face… I'm looking for ideas or products for facial cleansers, masks, and moisturizers especially.

Posted by Silver
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Eminence organics are the bomb! They are a green company, and 100% certified organic from Hungary( there has NEVER been a machine on the soil). Great products, very popular. Its all fruits, veggies and herbs, so amazing, they sell so awesome you Will wanna eat them! Love love love them! Did I mention how much I love them? They have masks, cleansers, toners, whatever you will need for acne. Possible the Eucalyptus cleanser if you are oily, Sugar Plum is Oily Skin Moisturizer, Garlic Toma toe Mask for Acne, there are so many others, if you can, fins a place that carries the line to pick out you specific products for your skin type.

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Organic Beauty Products

LATE October Empties 2013

CXO invests in skincare line maker Botanika (pehub)

Private equity firm **CXO Collective International** has made an undisclosed investment in **Botanika Research Labs**. According to Botanika, the capital will be used to support the firm's **QVC** product launches. Botanika is the maker and owner of the Neydharting Moor Skin and Body Care line.

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The Advantages of Working with an Organic Beauty Product ...

Easy breezy summer beauty –

Easy breezy summer beautyKING5.comOur good friend and beauty expert Stacy Cox stopped by the show today to give us a peek at some of the hottest beauty products for the summer that will save us both time and money! Protection for the face and body, don't wind up baked and burnt!

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Questions and Answers

Organic Beauty Products?

What are some really good organic beauty products? Such as things like Lip Gloss, Chap Stick, Shampoo, Body Wash.. Ect.

And where can I find them?

Posted by Ashley
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There is no such thing as organic in beauty products. In the USA the FDA regulated cost=metics and beauty products and the USDA regulates organics. The two departments do not regulate each others products so because of that there is no organic standard for anything under the FDA. This means that any cosmetic can put the word organic on their lable legally without having a single organic ingredient in the product.

That said there are a few organic beauty care products that are truly organic but they are few and far between. Http:// has a lot of information about this including lists of which products are organic and which are not.

Have you tried using organic beauty & bath products?

Like the ones sold in Longs Drugs. If so can you please let me know the exact brand & product that worked for you. Thanks in advance 🙂

Posted by late bloomer
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I use organic but Arbonne. All the products are natural and not tested on animals.

What are the best organic beauty products?

I am just wondering what the best organic, cruelty-free beauty products are. Shampoos, conditioners, lotions, face lotions, foundation.
Does anyone know of any? Thanks in advance!

Posted by Chloe
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See Http://

You see because the national organics program is regulated by the USDA and all beauty care products are regulated by the FDA there is no organic standard for beauty products as there is for food and fiber. This means anyone can put the word organic on any cosmetic or soap even though the ingredients will not have a single certified organic ingredient and there will be some dangerous things like parabens. I notice the Body Shop is very bad about this.

Go to the organic consumers website to learn more and how you can help to close this loophole and make organic cosmetics really organic.

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What to Buy Organic

Organic Hydroponics Vs Conventional.

As organic goes mainstream, consumers can expect price breaks (Minneapolis Star Tribune)

More major retailers are expanding their organic selection. That's pushing prices down, but some worry about the quality.

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Which Foods to Buy: Organic Cheat-Sheet : Homeschool Blog

What you actually get when the package is labelled “Organic” – Quartz

Food Safety NewsWhat you actually get when the package is labelled “Organic”QuartzWhen US shoppers buy organic, they're usually confused about what they're getting. A new survey (pdf) by the Consumer Reports National Research Center finds that 84% of US adults sometimes buy organic-labeled food (and 45% buy it once a month or …Survey: Consumers Might Read Organic Label Differently Than Organic …Food Safety NewsMost Consumers Misinformed About Organic LabelHoosier Ag TodayGroups Protest National Organic Meeting in San AntonioeNews Park Forestall 19 news articles »

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Questions and Answers

Does buying organic clothes make a difference?

Is buying clothes more for the environment… Or does it benefit your health to buy organic clothing/sheets etc? Thanks.

Posted by marinebandwife
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Both – buying organic clothes helps the environment because conventional methods of processing clothing, such as cotton clothing require many harsh chemicals to be used in the production of cotton. 9 of those chemicals/pesticides are highly toxic and 5 are thought to be carcinogens. The World Health Organization estimates that pesticide poisoning kills 20,000 – 40,000 people per year.

Organic Cotton is produced by maintaining a balance between natural "pests" and their predators. They don't kill the good insects such as ladybugs, spiders, and parasite wasps. Organic Cotton producers use biological practices to control pests. This is much healthier on the soil and the environment.

Buying organic clothing and sheets is also beneficial to your health, because you are not subjecting your skin to chemicals that have been used in cotton production of conventional cotton when you choose organic. In addition, the clothing feels softer, silkier, and is less irritating on your skin. Many parents opt to choose organic cotton baby clothes for their babies to help with skin alergies and Eczema.

What foods are most important to buy organic?

I know that there's not a big difference between non-organic and organic bananas and avocados, as far as the amount of pesticides and carcinogens stored in the food. However, strawberries and milk have a lot of pesticides, hormones, and all kinds of junk. Which foods contain the most "junk" when they're not organic?

Posted by truth is…
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Buying organic has a lot more advantages than just to the consumer eating it. It produces less waste and protects the environment by keeping water cleaner because of the the way they are grown.

The more delicate the produce is, the better to purchase the organic version. So lettuces, herbs, raspberries, strawberries, blackberries, scallions and mushrooms are top on my list. The organic versions are more expensive to buy, so pick things that you would normally not be able to eat without washing well or are going to cook in preparation.

Do you buy any organic foods?

I buy some but I also use a veggie wash for fruits etc to wash off pesticides etc.

Posted by The Hollow Girl
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Yes I do buy organic foods, BUT mostly I grow them!!!
And I have a tendency to eat within the season and my locale so I tend to stay away from bananas, pineapples, mango, etc. If I can't grow it, I usually don't eat it.
But I do believe it wise to throughly wash all fruits, veggies and even grains. If you want to save money on veggie wash, simply use vinegar and water in a spray bottle, spray on, rub a bit, and rinse off. Even a capful of hydrogen peroxide in a sink of water will do the trick, at a fraction of the cost.
As for other organic products, I do what I can, I usually get organic cereals, grains, flours (for breads) etc. But I wonder sometimes how far its going to go, ie. Do we really need organic toilet paper, that just sounds gross to me!
Oh and I do "grow" my own eggs, chicken, beef, lamb, and we fish through the summer,and fall for winter and spring, in local streams and rivers I know are optimal. And I have been known to make a wicked cheese and yogurt from our goats milk.

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Organic Grocery Stores

The Gentle Rain Natural Health Food Store

(UNFI): New Analyst Report from Zacks Equity Research – Zacks Equity Research Report (Zacks)

United Natural's second quarter fiscal 2014 earnings and sales were in line with the Zacks Consensus Estimate. However, earnings of $0.56 per share surged 21.7% year over year, driven by top-line growth and operating margin improvement.

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The Search For Local Organic Food In The Arizona Desert : TreeHugger

Income, education levels preventing major organic food stores from coming to … – WBOY-TV

Income, education levels preventing major organic food stores from coming to …WBOY-TVIn a statement to 13 News, Whole Foods said, “Store site decisions are based on a combination of various factors, including the availability and cost of real estate, population density, and interest in natural and organic foods. No one factor is most …and more »

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Questions and Answers

Organic apples always moldy in the grocery store?

My local grocery store has a decent produce selection, but I've recently started buying organic apples and noticed that they almost always have a tiny bit of mold on the bottom. I can buy non-organic apples from the same store and keep them for at least a week and they stay good. Please don't suggest Whole Foods or Trader Joes. It is just not convenient for me to make a special trip to a store that isn't near me and where I can't find my typical grocery items. Are my options limited to either pesticides or mold?

Posted by wonderinginadream
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Not every organic fruits means they good . When they expensive, they will try sell expired organic fruits even thru they know it going make someone sick but they ain't gotta be responsible 4 it. You buy it, then you are responsible. Organic can be good if they don't have mold on it.

Organic only means no arfication color or pesticide anything like that in chemically (internal). Unless it is dropped on floor or something happen to it's outter.

You have to be careful and look at outter too! You were only concerning abt internal that has no pesticides, probably you thought it would not have mold or something. It was only internal that has pesticide , it DOES NOT stop MOLD unless there a chemical.

Grocery stores…………………………..?

Is there a place other than wal-mart to buy grocerys "for richer people" im tired of all this cheaply made food i usually go out to a fancy diner every night but tonight i think i will cook is there other places to shop with better quality food for rich people?

Posted by mikey2720
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These are the better grocery stores in the south:
Fresh Market
Earthfare Organic Market
Whole Foods
Harris Teeter

I hate Wal-mart mainly because the attitude of their employees suck at every level. I have to deal with them on a corporate level as well as store level and there is no difference. They treat you like you have inconvenienced them greatly if you ask a question. I refuse to shop there if I can find what I need elsewhere.

Where do i buy organic cranberry juice? I'm in texas can i get it at a grocery store?

Posted by stt143
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Any grocery store in the organic asile or fruit sectior or a specialty store like whole foods or trader joes but i dont know if you have thoes stores but if you do you will forsure find it there.

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Certified Organic

How Lean & Fab works and why does it have no side effects

Organic vs. Genetically altered battle takes root in Oregon (Salt Lake Tribune)

Ashland, Ore. • Unable to find a good solution to protecting their certified organic seed crops from potential contamination from genetically engineered crops, small organic farmers in this Oregon valley are appealing to a higher power: voters. They wanted to protect their crops from being cross-pollinated by genetically modified ones, and asked voters in two counties to ban the cultivation of GMOs — a move that would drive producer Syngenta out of the Rogue Valley where it grows seed for sugar…

[monetize id=”3″] - Certified Organic Label Guide

Snacking Organically: GoOrganic Adds Fruit Chews to Flavorful, Certified … – Food Consumer

Snacking Organically: GoOrganic Adds Fruit Chews to Flavorful, Certified …Food ConsumerGoOrganic Candies will showcase its full line of Certified Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified, premium Hard Candies and Fruit and Ginger Chews at the Sweets & Snacks Expo at McCormick Place in Chicago, May 20-22, 2014. Visit GoOrganic Candies at …

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Questions and Answers

Do you like organic food the best?

Posted by Life goes on…
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Yes, I like certified organic and certified biodynamic food the best.

I absolutely adore the taste of organic food, especially fruit and vegetables. Reminds me of how fresh foods use to taste when I was a child.

Years ago I started off eating 50% organic and 50% non-organic but over time have introduced more and more organic into my everyday diet, now basically 100% organic.

A couple of times recently, I have had to buy non-organic vegetables (i.e.) cherry tomatoes and beetroot and regretted it everytime.

It is a waste of money, as I normally end up chucking non-organic out. The cherry tomatoes (no matter which brand) are really bland but have a foul bitter aftertaste and the beetroot has absolutely no flavour.

I can consume a tub of organic cherry tomatoes or a bunch of organic beetroot in one sitting because they are literally bursting with flavour.

Only last week I made the decision, that if I can’t get organic produce of a particular item, I will simply go without, rather than wasting my money on non-organic.

Ten years ago organic food use to be very expensive but I now find it very compatible. Some things are cheaper, some things more expensive. Organic dried, packaged and meat produce tends to be more on the expensive side, fresh fruit and vegetables about the same – and it all balances out in the end

(i.e.) for the past few months I have been buying 250g tubs of organic blueberries for $5.49. Whereas non-organic 250g tubs have been selling in my local supermarket for $10.99.

Also large organic avocados have been selling for $1.50 each (so yummy you eat the whole thing with a spoon) compared to small non-organic avocados for $2.99 each (that taste like soap)

I have also charged to organic cleaning, personal hygiene and cosmetics products. Since changing, my excema has vanished.

Also because organic fruit and vegetables are consumed not long after they are picked (as opposed to non-organic being kept in cold storage for up to a year) they tend to be from local farmers, rather than imported from overseas.

The link below shows a study recently done that proves organic food is better than non-organic.

“The study found that organic fruit and vegetables contained between 20 and 40 per cent more antioxidants, which scientists believe can cut the risk of cancer and heart disease. They also had higher levels of vitamin C and beneficial minerals such as iron and zinc. The health benefits were so striking that moving to organic food was the equivalent of eating an extra portion of fruit and vegetables every day”.

Full article here:




What does certified organic mean?

Posted by Chris M
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Certified organic means that the organic production methods have been audited by an independent authority and the certificate shows that the prodiction meets those organic standard.

Organic means grown without using artificial chemicals. See the FAQs here about orgainic and certification – Http://…

What does "certified organic" really mean?

Who "certifies" it?
How do they certify it?

Posted by ḯґḯṧℌ ẘґ☤ṧ⊥ ẘ@☂ḉ♄
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Certified organic is licensed by the USDA. There is specific information on the USDA website about specific criteria for organic licences that vary by food type. The certification process is done by inspection of sites and procedural information provided by producers to comply with the criteria of organic certification.

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