Yacon Syrup by Dr. Oz

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Is Green Coffee bean extract safe for minors?

Is it safe for me to take these? Dr.Oz recommended this, and Yacon Syrup. Would it be safe for a minor to take that as well? (At different times so they don't effect each others outcomes)

Posted by I Need Awners To My Questions Yo'
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Unfortunately, nobody knows yet. It's a new enough product on the market and most companies won't test "new products" on children or pregnant women (if nothing else, just for the negative publicity it would give them). Yes, it's extracted from the coffee bean and some children drink coffee on occasion, but this is a very concentrated part without all of the aspects (eg. No caffeine, but much more of the active nutrients) so it's difficult to say exactly what would happen short-term or long-term. Until more research is done, I would highly recommend avoiding it for minors to be on the safe side. Good luck and I hope I helped!

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